Certificate of sponsorship

How to apply for a Certicate of Sponsorship?

Education providers and employers are required to apply for a license. So a student wishing to study in the UK will need to apply to the education provider for a Confirmation of Acceptance knows as CAS. An employer who is seeking to employ a foreign national must first apply to UK visas for a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS). The new points-based system will start in Jan 2021. It will include a route for skilled workers who have a job offer from an approved employer. The job would need to be at a required skill. So if you are an employer planning to recruit EEA and non EEA national foreign workers in the foreseeable future. now is a good time to apply for a Certificate of Sponsorship. The new procedure starts in Jan 2021, so why not apply for a Certificate of Sponsorship today?

Skilled Work Visa

The application for a licence must be made on line; there are guidance notes on the Home Office website which the employer would need to follow. If the application is successful then it provides the first step to making a successful application for a work permit / student application. The employer/ education provider will then be added to the registers of sponsor. It is important that the potential employer is fully aware of their duties and responsibilities which they will need to comply with. The Home Office will categorize an employer based on the information provided and can accord highly trusted status.

Benefits of using First Visas in applying for a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

  • Expertise knowledge each category has a specified list of requirements.
  • We charge a fixed fee for preparing all supporting documents required to secure a Certificate of Sponsor.
  • We will carry out detailed & methodic checks to make sure that all documents submitted are in order.
  • Some organizations which do have a regulatory body will require additional documents.
  • We will work closely with either a team appointed or representative of your organization.
  • We work to fixed timescales and deadlines.
  • Once the online application has been submitted, supporting documents must be submitted within 5 days.