Care Workers positions moved to shortage Occupation category.

Skilled Work Visa

On 24 Jan 2022 Carer’s positions have been moved to shortage occupations list category due to a shortage in this sector  If you  are offered  positions  in this category, you can now apply for a Skilled Work Visa.

If you are an asylum seeker  and you have been granted permission  to work, but employment is restricted to the shortage occupation sector, you can now apply  for  a skilled visa.

Care positions moved to Shortage Occupations category

Care assistant, Care worker, Carer, Home care assistant, Home carer, Support worker (nursing home).

This means if you have been offered employment in this sector you can apply for a skilled  work visa  to enter the UK or switch to this category.

Minimum salary level

You will need to earn the minimum of £20,480.00 or £10.10 per hour.

If you have been offered employment in this sector whether in country or are out of the UK, we can apply for your Skilled  visa on your behalf and guide you through the process.

Care Workers

Our services will include the following:

  • Advice  and guidance throughout the entire process from  receiving your offer of employment to securing your Work Visa.
  • Apply for your  work visa on your behalf.
  • Check to ensure the certificate of sponsorship is in place or advise your employer how to apply for this document.
  • Ensure that you meet the financial requirement if your sponsor is not sponsoring the money required to support you.
  • We will advise and process dependent visas  for  your spouse & dependent.
  • Ensure that  ALL necessary checks required for your sector have been conducted.
  • If you are required to meet knowledge of English language requirements, we will check to ensure that you do. Alternatively, CEFR at least level B1,  or SELT from an approved provider,  or studied English at degree level.
  •  Our fees are fixed.