Tier 2 (General)Work Permits

Are you a company looking to employ a foreign national to fill a vacancy that you have been unable to recruit in the UK? Whether you looking to recruit for the under Tier 2 General, inter country transfer, or forthe NHS orthe shortage Occupation scheme, First visas can help. We have the expertise&knowledge to assist you from start to completion. We provide a fully regulated service.

Did you know there has been a consistent increase in the demand for sponsored visa application for skilled work? The demand is set increaseincrease since UK has left the EU.From Jan 2021 EU , EEA and Swiss nationals will need to apply for work permit, if they do not have settled status. Does your business have the requisiteskills? The new points base system will start in Jan2021 it will include a route for skilled workers who have an approved job offer at the required skilled level of RQF level 3 (A level) applicants will need to speak English.

With over 25 years experience we are confident that we can provide our clients with the level of expertise needed, in succeeding in these applications. These applications require careful research and an in depth knowledge of the numerous Appendix J to Q, it should be noted that further appendices have been added over the years. We understand the complexities and unique challenges associated with making an application under the points based scheme which is why, as a sponsor your employees application, will be managed carefully and with the strictest confidence.


Benefits of using First Visas Tier 2 (General) Work permits

  • All Applications are checked ensure a they meet the Immigration Rules requirements.
  • Relevant checks to ensure employer holds requisite licence, and Help to apply.
  • If the job is under the shortage occupation list ensure all necessary requirements are met.
  • Provide support and immigration advice to sponsor & prospective employee from start to issuing of work permit.
  • Fully regulated Service.